I’m not really sure where my Olympics obsession began. Somewhere between the Cool Runnings VHS release and Shannon Miller’s balance beam gold medal. True story-Shannon and I went to the same gymnastics gym. At some point in my short-lived gymnastics life, we both happened to be at the gym on the same night. You know, both working on our talent. Unfortunately, mine was mediocre at best and that’s a really generous adjective. I was on the balance beam working on pike jumps and she was off doing something awesome. Like signing autographs or running towards the vault at 100 mph. I thought I’d try to really show off for her. I stood on the middle of the beam and jumped as high as I could whilst pointing my toes. This is no easy feat people. I landed pretty solid and was ready to throw my hands out to show balance is nothing. I got this Shannon! Magnificent Eight comin’ in hot! Then in my overeager novice skills, lost my footing, fell off the beam, landed on my chest and got the wind knocked right outta me. Real cool guys. I enrolled in ballet pretty soon after that and didn’t look back.

I wait and wait for the Olympics. Mr. Mischief is finally big enough to catch a swim meet or two so this is technically his “first” games. I have been telling him for weeks that the Olympics are nearing. “What is the Olympics mommy?” Just you wait buddy. I’m certain he will love swimming, diving and running. And I’m going to live vicariously through Simone Biles. For the most part, he has no idea what the Olympics mean but maybe after the opening ceremonies it will start to make sense. In true Lollipops and Honey teacher fashion, #wecookwednesday to the rescue!

Mr. Mischief's Olympic Sugar Cookies

Mr. Mischief's Olympic Sugar Cookies

The hard part? Trying to find the Olympics logo without scouring news coverage. The Olympics committee keeps those rings on lockdown. I went to two bookstores and couldn’t find a decent logo for our activities. The logo is copyrighted so high up I think it only exists in the lower right corner of our television while I watch KLG & Hoda. If it is printed-it’s in black. Woof. I needed all five of those ring colors. I ended up printing the Olympics logo and hung it on the fridge at his eye level. This was a great way to spark some interest in him and get him talking about the new picture. We did a new craft each day incorporating the Olympics logo and colors. Check out our handy work on Instagram.

One thing we really love to bake (and eat) is a cookie. We love cookies and sprinkles around here. Surely we could win a gold medal in cookie decorating? We’ve enjoyed many treats this summer. Like S’mores Bars and Frosted Apple Donuts. But, nothing beats a sugar cookie. Now, I love made-from-scratch cookies as much as the next girl. But, I just didn’t have it in me. It’s too hot for the oven! It’s Oklahoma in August. We live in an oven right now. I bought pre-made sugar cookies at the grocery store. You can buy pre-made cookies; make yours from scratch, whatever you want. It’s the decorating that we were interested in and that meant-sprinkles.

Blue, black, red, yellow, and green. We needed all the sprinkles. Taste the rainbow. We put the printed Olympics logo on the counter next to our supplies and got to work. We used a biscuit cutter and cut holes in the middle of the cookies to make them into “rings”. We also used pre-made royal icing. Gasp! Children don’t wait for icing to set. I found all our baking supplies at our nearest craft store.

Olympic Sugar Cookies Steps 1-4

Olympic Sugar Cookies Steps 1-4

Mischief and I talked about the colors and the placement of each ring. I introduced some math vocabulary this week. We used positional words-left, right, top, bottom, over and under. First grade math lesson? Check! Next, we placed five bare cookies in the same order as the rings. He pointed to each ring on the paper and the corresponding cookie on the baking sheet. I was delightfully surprised and proud at how quick he picked up on the color placement. He squeezed the royal icing over the tops of his cookies. I tried to help here because my OCD was rising like the heat wave outside. He shut me down real quick. “I do it!” Next, color-by-color sprinkled the tops of his cookies. To be honest, the blue ring took a major hit as we learned the holes in the lid are LARGE. We decorated the rest of the cookies. He did not want to fix the blue cookie. What can I say?  I didn’t either.

Happy Summer Olympics 2016 and GO TEAM USA!!


Early Childhood Lessons:

Descriptive Words



Positional Words




5 sugar cookies

Royal icing (white)

Sprinkles (blue, black, red, yellow, green)


Biscuit cutter


Yield: 5 cookies


Use biscuit cutter and cut holes* in all 5-sugar cookies. Cover the “rings” of the cookies with royal icing. Sprinkle each cookie with a different color.

I recommend having some extra cookies on hand. It takes a few practice rounds to figure out the best way to cut the holes in the cookies without them breaking. However, it’s fun to eat the rejects!

Lollipops and Honey Olympic Sugar Cookies

Lollipops and Honey Olympic Sugar Cookies

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