Independence Day Ingredients

Independence Day Ingredients

I have a few favorite things. Baby bonnets. Skittles. Starbucks pink drinks. Cute pups on walks. The Bachelorette + Bach in Paradise. Home décor. Mainly decorating my house for any holiday. With each passing holiday, I’m always getting psyched up for the next.

I have two favorite holidays. Christmas because duh. And the 4th of July. I love flag gear, fireworks, the lake, and patriotic foods. I mean there’s just something about red, white, and blue. Also, the 4th of July happens to be the day I found my labbie girls. We rescued 7 little angel pups in the middle of nowhere, Oklahoma. I don’t know their real birthday so we celebrate our patriotic pups every year on the 4th of July!

I love to make my pups their own homemade birthday treats. (Coming soon.) But, since we’re on the verge of our nation’s bday I thought we’d throw a little ‘Merica love at #wecookwednesday. We made Fruit Flags and oh my gosh were they cute. I loved our Frosted Apple Donuts with sprinkles but these are my new favorite. If you’re looking for a fun way to begin incorporating a little patriotic pride into your kiddo’s routine, then keep on reading friends.

I tend to go Independence Day décor crazy. We have a lot of flags in our front porch flowerpots. Before we started cooking, Mr. Mischief and I went outside. We looked at the flags and talked about the colors. We counted the lines and the stars. We ate Bomb Pop popsicles. YUM. They were for him not for me. Promise…. He picked out a flag to bring inside for our cooking lesson. I put the flag next to the ingredients for him to use as inspiration.

Fruit Flags Steps 1-4

Fruit Flags Steps 1-4

Mischief and I started with graham crackers and cream cheese. I recommend buying the pre-whipped cream cheese. It’s smooth texture is just like whipping cream-perfect for tiny tots! He struggled with standard cream cheese (+thawing) and this was So. Much. Easier. He spread the cream cheese across the crackers. We used a cake-decorating spatula instead of a regular kitchen knife. Works just as well and much safer!

One thing to remember when cooking  - and PLAYING - with kids is to avoid limiting their choices. Yes, the flags will be red, white, and blue. But, they don’t have to be red, white, and blue. Kids have their own choices and ideas. You can use bananas, kiwis, grapes, whatever they want! The more fruits you let them choose the more likely they are to participate. We had four choices to start. He chose strawberries, blueberries and blackberries. We had raspberries too but I kid you not he ate them all during our prep time. The whole pint! So we were left with one red choice and two blues. I tried to facilitate where the blue “should go”. He had none of that. In true Mischief form, he stuck a blackberry smack in the middle of his flag.

“No, mommy! I do it.”

They were his flags after all! Who was I to be bossy?

He loved the flag “cookies”, the fruit, and his new special flag. Now, he has started spotting flags everywhere we go! He doesn’t miss one. Patriotic pride starts early. Happy Independence Day friends and stay safe!

Fruit Flags

Fruit Flags


Early Childhood Lessons:


Descriptive Words






Graham Crackers

1 tub cream cheese






Yield: 2 servings


Spread cream cheese on whole graham cracker.

Place fruit on cream cheese to resemble American flag. *


*Note: Your child will likely place fruit out of order on her/his flag. Please, allow for this and do not direct them to decorate in a “traditional” way. They are learning and decorating their flags as they SEE them to be.