I think as moms we all switch into survival mode when we go grocery shopping. Or to get gas. Or buy new shoes. Or church. Let’s face it-anywhere-when we are toting kiddos along. Every time we prep to leave the house I spend a good twenty minutes packing our bag for whatever small excursion we are about to embark upon.

Packing my bag is a beast of a task. I need water bottles with names printed on Etsy stickers. Change of clothes made from SPF and moisture-wicking material. Baby wipes. Toy wipes. Boogie wipes. Snack containers made from BPA-free recycled milk jugs. Rattles (also BPA-free). Sunscreen with organic zinc and 150+ SPF. I mean at this point I’d rather just stay home. I realize I might be a crazy person. But, I'm willing to bet half of those things are in your diaper bag too. The one thing that saves us every time?


One of our favorites?

Yogurt bites.

How do we fly through bags and bags of yogurt bites? I mean it’s basically astronaut food. They look super delish but I want to gag each time I try one. Oh well. If a bag of these teeny morsels keeps us from a tantrum at the store then fine by me.

As always, we look for super easy kid-friendly recipes for #wecookwednesday. Today is actually National S’mores Day, so if you feel like celebrating check out our S’mores Bars.

Frozen yogurt bites might be our easiest recipe to date. Two ingredients. TWO. The hardest part of this recipe is the waiting. Mr. Mischief, like any three-year-old, does not like waiting.

I recommend buying Greek yogurt for these because the consistency is much thicker than normal yogurt and easier to handle. In fact, you really only need the yogurt for this recipe. The second ingredient is food coloring. So, depending on your flavor of choice you don’t even need the food coloring. I used good old vanilla yogurt because we already had it in the fridge. He chose blue food coloring. Go figure. He normally chooses anything that resembles a certain cheeky engine from the Island of Sodor.

Frozen Yogurt Bites Steps 1-4

Frozen Yogurt Bites Steps 1-4

  • Mischief poured the yogurt into a bowl and picked out his blue color.
  • He squeezed in the food coloring and began to mix the yogurt.
  • We talked about the change in colors as they swirled in the bowl.
  • Next, I trimmed a Ziploc bag and spooned the yogurt into the bag.
  • Then, on a cookie sheet he squeezed little drops of yogurt.
  • We filled up the cookie sheet and then placed in the freezer for 4-6 hours.
  • Eat them quick! They melt!!
Mr. Mischief's Frozen Yogurt Bites

Mr. Mischief's Frozen Yogurt Bites


Early Childhood Lessons:

Descriptive Words



Cause and Effect




1-8 ounce Greek yogurt



Food coloring | your choice

Cookie sheet

Ziploc bag


Yield: 20 bites


1.     Mix food coloring into yogurt container.

2.     Stir.

3.     Spoon into Ziploc bag,

4.     Cut* corner of Ziploc bag.

5.     Squeeze nickel size dots on to cookie sheet and place in freezer.

* Make sure to do a couple test runs. I cut the hole WAY too big on the first bag and we had one giant yogurt blob.

Lollipops and Honey Frozen Yogurt Bites

Lollipops and Honey Frozen Yogurt Bites