Hey all! I’m Sarah-creator of Lollipops and Honey. Put up your heels and stay awhile. I’m a wife, mommy, fur mama, children's books collector, and movie quoter. My husband and I met in kindergarten and we’ve been following each other around ever since. He stuck with me during my middle school braces phase and a really bad 2001 Britney Spears haircut. If that’s not true love, then I don’t know what is. I’m a stay-at-home mama to two littles who keep me busy playing trains and cleaning up piles of Puffs off the floor. If I'm not cleaning up after my kiddos, I'm vacuuming up tufts of dog hair from my two 70-pound labbie girls. They have my heart. One sleeps on my feet and the other on my pillow. I’m a crazy dog lady. Sorry not sorry. I ride or die by Friends quotes and I’m a tween at heart. Having grown up as a 90’s girl I love to blare a hot jam. Patios are my happy place. Mango margaritas on a hot afternoon and iced coffees on my front porch are my love language.

Moms need a break too, am I right?

We all do. It’s the only way to survive this parenting thing. I left teaching to be a SAHM and haven’t looked back. Teaching is a job that follows you no matter where you go. With a Masters in Early Childhood Education, I’ve taught nursery school, three and four-year-old prek, first grade, and third grade. I’ve taught children of all abilities and even overseas. Working with toddlers in Shoreham-by-Sea, West Sussex, England is truly the shining star on my resume. The UK does is right. Teaching English tots and studying British culture was the icing on the cake to wrap up my Masters program. The idea for this blog popped into my head years ago while I was in grad school. I was sitting in class, one of my favorite places to get rejuvenated for teaching the next day. This sounds silly. Most people find sitting in class to be such a drag. And yes, it can be for sure. But, sitting amongst peers and discussing early childhood education is like therapy for me. Asking questions. Getting answers. Light bulb! What if other parents could find this therapy too? All in one place. Navigate the expectations. The rules. The judging. Oh my, the judging.

It’s hard to be a mom these days.

Fast-forward five years. A wedding and two kids later. Life happens y’all. It really does. The Lollipops and Honeybee kept buzzing at me day in and day out. Play dates would turn into lectures with me answering questions about bedtimes, schedules, eating habits, and behavior issues. Now I know I don’t have all the answers. What mom does? Some days I’m certain I won’t make it till 5:15 when Daddy gets home. Some days I cry. A lot. Some days I hit up naptime happy hour. I tell myself it’s cool because Jimmy Buffett is in Margaritaville raising his glass in approval. A glass of Cab and a chocolate chip cookie can always turn my frown upside down.

One of my favorite things to do is bake. I grew up in the kitchen watching my mom make piecrusts with the perfect amount of flakiness. My grandmother is famous for Lemon Icebox Pie and I don’t enjoy a holiday without it. I like to bake things even if I’m not going to eat them. After having two kids it’s better that I don’t eat them. I pawn them off on my neighbors. I’m lucky enough to live next door to two other bakers. It’s embarrassing how many nap times one of us has texted the other needing shortening, brown sugar, almond bark, peanut butter, or Ziploc bags. Put it on my tab guys! Thankfully, they share too. I always knew I wanted to share my love for cooking with my kids. Check back each Wednesday on our cooking blog for #wecookwednesday. Mr. Mischief and I will be sharing project-based kid-friendly recipes for the kiddos in the kitchen. Kids will learn about new foods, how to prep and cook, and gain confidence from the experience, not the finished product. Create lasting memories with your family. Thinking about Christmas Eves spent making cookies and homemade marshmallows seriously makes me giddy. Sorry to break it to you. But, I’m pretty old school.

I believe parenting really does take a village.

We all need a tribe.

I started Lollipops and Honey to help other parents find the resources they need for the hard stuff. And the fun stuff. How can I make it through a road trip without a DVD player in the back of my seat? How can I get my three-year-old to stop screaming every time we go to the grocery store? What food can I make with my kiddos that will instill lasting memories and make awesome #tbt pics? We’ll cover all of that. Stick around; we’re just getting started. You can follow along here on our blog or on Instagram.

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