I hit the ground running everyday. Some days I do get up early and actually go workout before the sun is up or Paw Patrol has taken over my TV. But most days, I wake up after a child has silently tiptoed downstairs and broken into the snack cupboard and started noshing on some sort of cheese chips.

Real life, am I right?

We have school pickups and drop-offs, soccer practices, soccer games, grocery errands, high-maintenance doggies, night events, board meetings, swim lessons, haircuts, family dinners with grandparents, and all of the other things that seem to pop up every week. It appears as though whenever those “event free” weeks emerge they are short-lived as something always comes up that drags at least one person out the house on any given day.

I love to organize. But sometimes it is so overwhelming. Between phone calendars and syncing tabs things always get lost in the Matrix. Because of this, I revert back to my old school ways. A planner. Good old-fashioned paper and pen. No pencil-I don’t like the dust. Sorry.

DD covers.JPG

The Day Designer planner has been my lifeline for four years. I carry it with me wherever I go and if my purse is too small? Well then—she sits buckled up next to me in my passenger seat. I have tried multiple design covers and sizes. There are two sizes to choose from but the big planner is my jam. It has so much more room for activities! Kid activities that is. As my obsession with Day Designer has grown, so has the number of events I add in there day after day.

While Day Designer is known for its impeccable design and durability within its planners, the company has many other resources unknown to many of its biggest fans. On the site, there are FREE printables for just about any list you wish to make. OCD moms beware; you may get sucked down a printing rabbit hole.

Holiday shopping list? Check.

Grocery shopping list? Check.

Need to keep those packing lists in one place? Yep, that’s covered too.

DD extras.JPG

The Day Designer is the brainchild of fellow Okie, Whitney English. I love that I am supporting another mom with a dream. You can see more of the Day Designer designs here. The 2018 edition has launched! Order yours now and start off next year with all your ducks in a row.

Want your own Day Designer? Check out my Giveaway on Instagram!