Adding new children’s books to my collection is always on the to-do list. I’m like a moth to a flame when it comes to books. I have a wide range including: baby, toddler, emerging reader, established reader, mystery novels, holidays, pregnancy, mom, and early childhood development textbooks I just can’t seem to throw away. It is no mystery my collection is big and continues to grow by the month. Oh well, there are worse hobbies, am I right? 

I love finding books that break the mold and venture into new dialogue. Healthy Kids Publishing does just that as they encourage healthy eating habits and activities for their readers. 

Author, Jerome Jones, is a former 4th grade elementary educator and created this series after teaching nutrition to his students. He is an advocate for healthy living and believes children can learn in and out of the classroom. 

The Mystery of the Lost Recipe 

Image via Lollipops and Honey

Image via Lollipops and Honey

Tommy and Abby are mystery-solving siblings who set out to solve the mystery of the missing lasagna recipe. They come to the mighty aide of their favorite diner after the recipe is lost! They are in a race against time to find the recipe before the dinner rush starts and its patrons are left hungry.

The Mystery of the Lost Uniforms 

Image via Lollipops and Honey

Image via Lollipops and Honey

The sequel to the previous story, Tommy and Abby are at it again as they set out on a quest to help the local high school find their missing basketball uniforms. Word of their previous detective work has spread to the local radio station and they are called in to help with this mystery. 

Follow along as these two little detectives become community members with the help of their pup, Flash.

Both books are available through Healthy Kids Publishing and Amazon